March 2022, Time Change Calendar Reset (Current Month)

Time changes of some countries (by months): USA (March - November), Europe (March - October), Australia (April - October)

March 2022 daylight saving time change

Starts + 1h. Ends - 1h.
Southern hemisphere
    The Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, because the seasons of the year are opposite, reverse the order of the time change.
backward forward
Ends - 1h. Starts + 1h.

DST colors in the calendar

 New Moon New Moon Full Moon Full Moon

  • All countries with DST, forward or backward 1 hour:except Lord Howe Island to the east of Australia that forward and backwards 00:30'
  • Mexico makes 2 time changes: one in the period April-October (for most of the country) and another in March-November for the border cities with US, adapting its time zone with the United States.