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World time zone map: current local time and time zone
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West. Sahara
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World time zones map - current time and time zone

World time zone map, current local time and time zone. Local time and time zones updated in real time. 24 hour clock format. More info

- Next time changes will be in September: Chile / Iran / New Zealand ...
- Other time changes 2021: US / Europe / Canada / Mexico / Australia ... more in Daylight saving time change calendar .
Pacific Time Mountain Time
California Colorado
Central Time Eastern Time
Texas New York
Time Zones Mountain T. Arizona

4-color time zones = 4-hour intervals between the same colors. More info
Hawaii Alaska (Adak*)
Honolulú Ciudad más poblada Juneau Ciudad más poblada
  *Adak UTC -10 / -9
Europe Europe
Western Europe Central Europe
Ireland Germany
Portugal France
United Kingdom Spain
Eastern Europe* Eastern Europe*
Finland Belarus
Greece Moscow
Romania Turkey
*UTC +2 / UTC +3 *UTC +3h. all year
Canada Canada
British Columbia Alberta
Vancouver Most populous city Calgary Most populous city
Newfoundland & Labrador * Newfoundland & Labrador *
Labrador City St. John's
Manitoba Ontario (east zone)*
Winnipeg Toronto
Saskatchewan * Quebec (east zone) *
Regina Most populous city Montreal Most populous city
* 2 time zones Capital Capital Most populous city Capital of the country Capital of the country
- More locations and time changes in daylight saving calendar.

World Time Zones

In order to regulate the schedules of the different land points, it was decided to divide the 360º terrestrial sphere between 24 time zones of 15º equivalent to 1 hour.

Taking as reference the Meridian 0º of Greenwinch or UTC 0º = 0 hours, the earth is divided into 2 hemispheres, with 12 time zones to the east (0 to +12) and 12 time zones to the west (0 to -12).

24 Time Zones*

Actually there are 3 more time zones* that take place on the international date line which coincides with the 180º meridian that marks the change of day date.

There are also countries or localities whose geographical location and/or for convenience, use different intermediate times* bands to the exact meridians 15º as they are: Iran - St. John's - Afghanistan - India (Sri Lanka) - Nepal - Myanmar - Eucla - Northern Territory of Australia - South Australia - Lord Howe Island (in winter) - Chatham Islands. These countries use time slots of 30 or 45 minutes. Most of these time zones are between Asia and Oceania

Time Zones colors

4 colors to differentiate the time zones - - - that conform to the time bands of 1 hour = meridians of 15º.

In turn, these colors can be practical to visualize the time difference between countries with the same color, since they are multiples of 4 hours. (4 colors).

Eg. If we wanted to see at a glance the time difference between California and the United Kingdom (both countries with the same pink time zone color), the time difference between both countries will be 8 hours, (multiple of 4 hours) (except when one of these countries, this one using daylight saving time and the other one not).

More eg: between New York and Saudi Arabia, both countries in yellow, (except during New York's summer time), the difference between those countries will be 8 hours, or if it were in green, Colorado and France, all them (multiples of 4 h). In the same way it would be with the rest of countries and colors.

New York  / Saudi Arabia
UTC -5:00 / -4:00 UTC +3:00
Illinois  / Syria /
UTC -6:00 / -5:00 UTC +2:00 / +3:00
Colorado  / France  /
UTC -7:00 / -6:00 UTC +1:00 / +2:00
California  / U. Kingdom /
UTC -8:00 / -7:00 UTC +0:00 / +1:00

Intermediate Time Zones

Some countries do not adjust like most, to the exact hour of 60 minutes (1 hour), corresponding to the multiples of meridian of 15º.

To differentiate those countries from the rest, these intermediate time slots have been associated with 5 additional colors.
In this way, it can be easier to distinguish them from most countries that adhere to the 1-hour time slot.

Countries or localities that conform to a time slot of 30' are: Afghanistan- Chatham Islands - Eucla - India (Sri Lanka) - Iran - Lord Howe Island (in winter) - Myanmar - Newfoundland (St. John's) - Northern Territory of Australia - South Australia.
Eucla - Chatham Island - Nepal, adjusts to a 45 minute or 3/4 hour time slot.

Sorted by time slots from lowest to highest

St. John's  / Iran   /
UTC -3:30 / -2:30 UTC +3:30 / +4:30
Afghanistan India / Sri Lanka
UTC +4:30 UTC +5:30
Nepal (in white) Myanmar Burma
UTC +5:45 UTC +6:30
Eucla (W. Australia) Broken Hill /
UTC +8:45 UTC +9:30 / +10:30
N.T. Australia (Map) S. Australia /
UTC +9:30 UTC +9:30 / +10:30
Lord Howe / Chatham Isl /
UTC +10:30 /+11:00 UTC +12:45 /+13:45

Exception in time change

All the countries that make the time change, advance the clock forward 1 hour during the summer period, and after a few months they go back that hour, with some exceptions, such as for example.

Lord Howe Island UTC +10:30 belonging to Australia, which is only 30' ahead and behind. With this, during the summer period, it equates the same time zone to UTC +11h. with the Australian Territories: New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania using UTC +10h. in winter. Australia Map.

Clocks symbols:

Daylight Saving Time Daylight Saving Time. Daylight saving time UTC standard time, or winter time. No Daylight Saving Time No Daylight Saving Time throughout the year. 24 hour clock format

Clocks and symbols (summer-winter) updated in real time as the time changes in different time zones.


This map has tried to keep the four basic colors used from the first wikipedia time zone map, except for the pistachio green color, which to differentiate it more from the rest, it has been decided to replace it with the color pink, (yellow - [orange- brown] - green - pink).