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Mexico Time Zones Map
Current local time and Mexico time zone

Juarez and Ojinaga Border cities with US Baja
California Sur

Time Change Mexico* 2020

On Sunday October 25 , Mexico turned the clock back -1 h., At 2:00 am it was 1:00 am. more info

On November 1, the time change will take place, in Baja California and border cities of Mexico with US more info.

Pacífic Time * Mountain Time
Baja California * Sonora
Ensenada Ciudad Obregón
Mexicali Hermosillo
Tecate S.L. Rio Colorado
Tijuana ... all Sonora
All Baja California  
*Baja California use sumer time as US
México Central Time

*Bahia de Banderas of the state of Nayarit in the Mountain Zone, uses the time of the Central Zone of Mexico.
*States of Mexico with border cities with the US, which use the same time change as the US.

Eastern Time (Quintana Roo)
Quintana Roo - Cancun - Chetumal - Playa del Carmen - Cozumel... all Quintana Roo
Border cities of Mexico with the United States
(bordering with US) Mountain Time
Border cities State
Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua
Ojinaga Chihuahua
Ciudad Juarez and Ojinaga of the state of Chihuahua, observe the time change as the United States.
Border cities of Mexico with the United States.
(bordering with US)Central Time
Border cities State
Anáhuac Nuevo León
Ciudad Acuña Coahuila
Matamoros Tamaulipas
Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas
Piedras Negras Coahuila
Reynosa Tamaulipas

Time change in México* 2020

Mexico observes 2 time changes in summer.

1) The one that uses most of the states of Mexico, except Sonora UTC -7, and Quintana Roo UTC -5, which maintains the same time zone throughout the year.

Starts + 1h.
Ends - 1h.
April-5 Sun.
2:00 → 3:00
October-25 Sun.
2:00 → 1:00

Time change in Baja California and México's border cities with the US, 2020

2) The entire state of Baja California, and the border cities of Mexico with US.
These border cities between Mexico and the US, observe the same time zone as the US
- Border cities of Mexico with US: Anahuac - Ciudad Acuña - Ciudad Juárez - Matamoros - Nuevo Laredo - Ojinaga - Piedras Negras - Reynosa.

Starts + 1h.
Ends - 1h.
March-8 Sun.
2:00 → 3:00
Nov.-1 Sun.
2:00 → 1:00

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