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Iceland Ireland and United Kingdom

Time Change Europe* 2021

On Sunday March 28 , at 2:00 a.m.* Central Europe turn the clock forward one hour More info*

Time change Europe by time zones:
March 28, 2021
Western Europe: at 1:00 am it will be 2:00 am (London, Lisbon ...)
Central Europe: at 2:00 am it will be 3:00 am (Paris, Madrid ...)
Eastern Europe: at 3:00 am it will be 4:00 (Helsinki, Bucarest ...)
Russia (Moscow): No Dailight Saving Time(Moscow)

* Central Europe, most of the countries of the continent (in green color)

Madeira Azores Islands
Funchal Ponta Delgada
Santa Cruz Terceira

Time change Europe 2021

Most of Europe observes the summer time change, doing it in unison at the same time UTC + 1h both, to advance the time and to go back the time.
Converted to local time by time zones, it is as follows:
Starts + 1h.
Ends - 1h.

March-28 Sun.

Oct-31 Sun.

1:00 → 2:00
2:00 → 1:00
3:00 → 4:00
4:00 → 3:00
No daylight saving time
No daylight saving time

Countries in Europe without daylight saving 2021

Belarus (UTC +3), Iceland (UTC 0), Kaliningrad (UTC +3), and Moscow (UTC +3), none observe DST change, using the same time zone throughout the year.

Clocks symbols:

Daylight Saving TimeDaylight Saving Time. Horario Estándar o de InviernoUTC standard time, or winter time. No Daylight Saving TimeNo Daylight Saving Time throughout the year. 24 hour clock format

Clocks and symbols (summer - winter) updated as the time changes in different Europe time zones.