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Europe time zones map - current time and time zone | Daylight saving time Europe
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Europe time zones map and current time

Europe spans 4 time zones, ranging from UTC 0h. to UTC +3h. More info

Europe Daylight Savings 2021
On Sunday October 31, Central Europe* turns the clock back one hour, at 3:00 a.m. it will be 2:00 a.m. The previous time change was March 28. More info

Madeira Azores Islands
Funchal Ponta Delgada
Santa Cruz Terceira
Some cities in Ukraine with Moscow time zone
Alupka Luhansk
Alushta Sevastopol
Bilohirsk Scholkine
Donetsk Simferopol
Feodosiya Sudak
Kerch Yalta
Lenine Yevpatoriya
Time exceptions Europe
Izhevsk Samara
Izhevsk and Samara in the eastern part of European Russia (in pink color), are an exception, when using UTC +4h instead of UTC +3h and no daylight saving time. Europe map

Also the transcontinental countries of Europe and Asia: Armenia, Azerbaijan, and most of Georgia* use UTC +4h. except Turkey UTC +3h.

Europe time zones and time change

Europe covers 4 main time zones, ranging from UTC 0h. to UTC +3h. which use the time change in unison according to their time zone.

Time change October 2021
▷Western Europe: at 2:00 am it will be 1:00 am (London, Lisbon ...)
▷Central Europe: at 3:00 am it will be 2:00 am (Paris, Madrid ... most of the countries of Europe)
▷Eastern Europe: at 4:00 am it will be 3:00 (Helsinki, Bucarest ...)
▷Russia (Moscow): No Daylight Saving Time (Moscow)

Other : Azores at 1:00 am it will be 00:00.
Exceptions: Izhevsk and Samara in Eastern European Russia, use UTC +4h. No DST, and transcontinental countries

Europe Daylight Savings Time

On sunday October 31, 2021 Europe turns the clock back 1 hour in all countries in unison, according to its different time zones.

Most of Europe observes the daylight saving time change, doing it in unison at the same time (Coordinated Universal Time) UTC +1h to move forward, as well as to turn back the clock time.

Unlike, for example, the US, which uses the time change, at the same local time at 2:00 a.m. for each time zone, both to advance and reverse the clock.

The summer time period in Europe runs from:
The last Sunday in March at 01:00 UTC until the last Sunday in October at 1:00 UTC.

Converted to local time by time zones in Europe, the time change is as follows:
Europe Daylight Savings Time 2021
Starts + 1h Ends - 1h
March-28 Sun.
Oct-31 Sun.
1:00 → 2:00
2:00 → 1:00
Central Europe (Most of Europe)
3:00 → 4:00
4:00 → 3:00
No daylight saving time
No daylight saving time

Europe Time Zones (4 time zones)*

4 main time zones
Western Europe Central Europe
London Paris
WET = standard +0h
WEST = daylight +1h
CET = standard +1h
CEST = daylight +2h
No DST  
Eastern Europe European Russia
Helsinki Moscow
EET = standard +2h
EEST = daylight +3h
MSK = standard +3h
No daylight
Kaliningrad Belarus/Crimea
Kaliningrad Belarus / Crimea
2 more time zones
Azores Islands Eastern Russia exceptions
Ponta Delgada Izhevsk and Samara
standard -1h
daylight 0h
standard +4h
No daylight saving
Transcontinental countries

The letters S (summer) is the acronym that indicates that Europe is currently in the summer period.
For ex. CET Central European Time (standard or winter), and CEST Central European Summer time.

Countries in Europe without daylight saving 2021

Belarus (UTC +3), Iceland (UTC 0), Kaliningrad (UTC +3), and Moscow (UTC +3)

Eastern Russia exceptions: Izhevsk and Samara (UTC +4)

Transcontinental countries: Armenia - Azerbaijan - Georgia (UTC +4) and Turkey (UTC +3)

None of these countries observe the daylight saving time change throughout the year.

Clocks symbols:

Daylight Saving Time Daylight Saving Time. Horario Estándar o de Invierno UTC standard time, or winter time. No Daylight Saving Time No Daylight Saving Time throughout the year. 24 hour clock format

Clocks and symbols (summer - winter) updated as the time changes in different Europe time zones.