October 2022 Daylight Saving Time Calendar Reset (Current Month)

Daylight saving time 2023 in some countries by month: USA: March 12 - November 5 | Europe: March 26 - October 29 | Australia: April 2 - October 1 |

October 2022 daylight saving time change

Ends - 1h. Starts + 1h.
Northern hemisphere
    The Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, because the seasons of the year are opposite, reverses the order of the time change.
forward backward
Starts + 1h. Ends - 1h.
    Note: Ciudad Juárez and Ojinaga in Chihuahua, turned back the clock on the same date as non-border Mexico, on Sunday, October 30, 2022, and at the same time swapped from the Mountain Time Zone to the Central Time Zone, so the time on the day October 30, 2022, had no variation.

DST colors in the calendar

 New Moon New Moon Full Moon Full Moon

  • All countries with DST, forward or backward 1 hour:except Lord Howe Island to the east of Australia that forward and backwards 00:30'
  • Mexico makes 2 time changes: one in the period April-October (for most of the country) and another in March-November for the border cities with US, adapting its time zone with the United States.