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Time difference with Africa Time Zones / US vs Africa

Africa time zones
US time zones

Africa spans a total of 6 time zones, 4 whitin the continent, and 2 on the islands, ranging from UTC -1h to UTC +4h. More info. | You can see Africa larger map

The United States spans 9 time zones, with 4 main time zones, Pacific / Mountain / Central / Eastern. More info. | You can see US larger map

Daylight Saving time Africa 2022
Only Morocco and Western Sahara use the time change in summer. More info.

US Daylight Saving Time 2023
On Sunday, March 12, the United States turned the clock forward one hour, at 2:00 a.m. it was 3:00 a.m. More info

With the start of US daylight saving time on Sunday, March 12, 2023, Johannesburg, South Africa will be will be 6 hours ahead New York, USA. | Swap

Time difference between some Africa states/cities vs US states

Africa Time Zones

- Africa uses 4 time zones within the continent, GMT 0h - Western Africa WAT +1h - Central Africa and South Africa CAT / SAST +2h and Eastern Africa EAT +3h. Including the islands of West Africa: Ascension - Saint Helene - Tristan da Cunha - and East Africa: Comoros and Mayotte.
And the time zone UTC -1h corresponding to the islands of Cape Werd to the west of the African continent.
- Another time zone corresponds to the islands east of the African continent: Mauritius - Reunion - Seychelles with UTC +4h and No DST. View Africa map.

Daylight Savings in Africa

The time change in Africa is only used by Morocco, and Western Sahara.
Ceuta and Melilla in Morocco, use daylight saving time as Spain.
The rest of Africa does not use daylight savings throughout the year.

Note: The dates of the time change in Morocco and Western Sahara are preliminary, and may vary. The summer / winter symbols may not correspond to the seasonal period due to an unusual time change.

Daylight Saving Morocco and Western Sahara 2023
Ends - 1h Starts + 1h
March-19 Sun.
3:00 → 2:00
2:00 → 3:00
UTC 0h UTC +1h
The Clock time is updated with the time change, along with the time zone and summer or winter symbols. + info.
Several states in the Eastern US (Central ← Eastern) and Central US (Mountain ← Central), have locations that use the contiguous states time zone.

US time zones with current time - map

US time zones - 24 hour clock format
Pacific time zone Mountain t. zone
Current Pacific Time Current Mountain Time
Los Angeles (CA) Denver (Colorado)
US Pacific Time Zone US Mountain Time Z.
PST = standard -8h
PDT = daylight -7h
MST = standard -7h
MDT = daylight -6h
*Shared time zones Pacific ⇄ Mountain Arizona Mountain Time
  Arizona Mountain T.
  MST = standard -7h
No daylight saving
Central time zone Eastern time zone
Current Central Time Current Eastern Time
Chicago (Illinois) New York
US Central Time Zone US Eastern Time Z.
CST = standard -6h
CDT = daylight -5h
EST = standard -5h
EDT = daylight -4h
*Central US states with 2 time zones *Eastern US states with 2 time zones
2 US time zones - not contiguous -
Alaska Time Zone Hawaii Time Zone
Juneau Capital Honolulu Capital
Alaska Time Zone Hawaii Time Zone
AKST = standard -9h
AKDT = daylight -8h
HST = std -10h
No daylight saving
3 US dependencies, no DST
Atlantic time zone
Puerto Rico
US Virgin Islands
AST = standard -4h
No daylight saving
American Samoa time
American Samoa
Pago Pago Capital
SST = standard -11h
No daylight saving
Chamorro time zone
Northern Mariana Islands
ChST = standard +10h
No daylight saving

The US spans 4 main time zones, from west to east: Pacific Time - Mountain Time - Central Time - Eastern Time.
2 non-contiguous time zones: Alaska Time and Hawaii Islands Time, and 3 US dependencies which none of them use daylight saving time.
* There are 2 more time zones corresponding to US Minor Outlying Islands. more info on wiki
The letters S (standard) and D (daylight), are the acronyms that show the current period of the time zone.
For example, PST Pacific standard time / PDT Pacific daylight time, plus the symbols that appear next to the clock time

Daylight Saving United States

The United States observes daylight saving time in almost all States, except for most of Arizona UTC -7h, and the Hawaiian Islands UTC-10h, which maintains the same time zone throughout the year.

Daylight saving time in US begins on the second Sunday in March, at 2:00 a.m., moving the clock forward 1 hour and returning to winter or standard time on the first Sunday in November, at 2:00 a.m., turning the clock back 1 hour. US map.

USA daylight saving time 2023
Starts + 1h Ends - 1h
March-12 Sun.
2:00 → 3:00
Nov.-5 Sun.
2:00 → 1:00
2nd Sunday in March, at 2:00 a.m., US turns the clock forward 1 hour 1st Sunday in November, at 2:00 a.m., US turns the clock back 1 hour
Pacific Time / Mountain Time / Central Time / Eastern Time
*2 time zones *Time change exception Capital Capital Most populous city Most populous city Capital of the country Capital of the country

Clocks symbols:

Daylight Saving Time Daylight Saving Time. Standard or winter time UTC standard time, or winter time. No Daylight Saving Time No Daylight Saving Time throughout the year. 24 hour clock format

Clocks and symbols (daylight saving - winter) are updated in real time as the time changes in different US time zones.